Today on Throwback Thursday, we get a peek into Nacho’s journey at CrossFit Equality. Having joined us in April of 2016, Nacho is coming up on 2 years of being a part of the CFE Crew. He’s a devoted family man and athlete who strives to support both his life inside and outside the gym. In addition, Nacho has loyaly dedicated to safekeep our home in Houston. As a Houston Police Officer, he is committed to uphold the law and the rights of all individuals.


Below you will see a small slideshow of Nacho’s progression over the years. He is an astounding athlete who has increased many of his lifts during years of training. For example, his deadlift has increased from 265lbs (when he started) to 380lbs (present time, heck, it might be even more!). Push press skyrocketed from 135lbs to 225lbs. Other lifts such as power clean, snatch, bench press and many more have also increased significantly. Nacho is a like an unstopable train, a man with limitless achievements in reach of acomplishment as his journey continues. He is also full of character and humor with his unique (yet elegant) costumes.


We hope Nacho can call our little box his home as he has become a very influential part of our family. Thank you Nacho for all you do for the Houston community, for CFE and for the people that you hold dear – you’re the best!