Above are the recent pictures of Jessica Davis’ before and after transformation. In 17 weeks she has lost a little over 11 pounds, 4 inches in her chest, 3.5 inches off her waist and 2.5 inches in her hips. Jessica started CrossFit Equality’s Nutrition Accountability Program in late June of 2017. Her results from the images above are evident and the numbers are simple notes to prove it. With the help of our Nutrition Advisors she has made tremendous physical and mental change. She’s learned about her dietary needs and is able to apply this knowledge in everyday life.


However, even though Nutrition may be 80-90% of the battle, exercise plays a huge role in her change. Jessica is enrolled in our Unlimited CrossFit Classes. Not only does this give her the opportunity to come to every class anytime of the week, but the flexibility to ensure she also gets her rest days. Most of the time you can find Jessica with the 5AM Crew having a blast, but sometimes you may spot her in the 4:30PM Classes with her friend Jennifer! She’s made bonds over the years and is destined to continue and grow as time goes on.


If you’re looking to get results like Jessica, don’t hestitate and Schedule a Free No Sweat Intro Today!! It only takes 30 minutes of your time, so no excuses 😛