Ron Webb

"Tranformation 2.0"

Ron Webb

Transformation 2.0

This is an update to my initial Crossfit transformation story because I’ve had to change the way I view Crossfit in my life. I’m going on my third year of Crossfit and in the beginning (Transformation 1.0), things were very different that they are now. Here is a breakdown of how my transformation has progressed.

Year 1

My first year of Crossfit, I named, “Balls to the Walls”. Everything was new and it was all about experiencing and doing as much as I could. Learn new movements, watch a bunch of Crossfit videos, etc. I spent that year chasing the gold star; I wanted as many PR as I could get each and every week.

I did promise myself that I would spend the first quarter of Crossfit scaling all of the workouts. I knew my propensity toward total immersion in everything Crossfit. That lead to very few rest days, hitting every Sunday Open Gym, and for about 3 months, I was getting in two workouts per day as I took a weightlifting class and gymnastics class.

Year 2

I call this year, “Paying the Piper” as my body started revolting on me. Injuries mounted, I would catch almost every bug that came through town, and my allergies were a mess. I always stay pretty tight on my nutrition, but my body couldn’t keep up. I managed the injuries pretty well as to never really be “off”, but I could scale and keep coming to class, stay in the groove, and every now-and-then, I’d hit some gold stars.

I set a goal to have my second Crossfit Open be better than my first. I was close to the Top 100 in my region for my age group the first time around and really thought I could crack into that Top 100 the second time around. Guess what? I didn’t. Totally crapped the bed.

Year 3

Coming out of the 2017 Open, I’ve had to change my view of Crossfit. I’m really focusing on my engine. I want to keep my cardio up and have the ability to finish all the hard workouts. I scale appropriately, and I’m willing to give up the gold stars in everything. I know I’m going to have to make tradeoffs in some of the big weights I used to hit in my deadlift, squat, and some of the other areas in order to be able to rest, decrease the wear-and-tear on my body, and overall focus on quality of my movements and my endurance. I’m hoping this will carry me forward into the 2018 Open with a new view on what I want to accomplish.

Now, I just have to setup a 15-minute goal-setting session with one of our coaches to help me devise a tight plan for February 2018.

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