What Doubts and Hesitations Do You Have About Joining?

I recently asked our members to complete a short survey.  One of the questions was “what doubts and hesitations did you have before signing up at CrossFit Equality?”

The responses were pretty similar across the board so I wanted to share them here for those who are thinking of joining and may have similar fears.

In no particular order they are:

  1. Am I in good enough shape to keep up?
  2. Would my existing knee, shoulder, etc. injury be an issue?
  3. Is the environment friendly?
  4. Would others make fun of me and would I fit in?
  5. Will I get hurt?

All of these are legitimate concerns but as the survey responders noted, they were quickly diminished once they joined!

Here is how the CFE Coaching Staff and CFE members help ease these concerns:

  1. New members do NOT have to be in shape to keep up!  We scale all of the movements and workouts to everyone’s ability.
  2. Pre-existing injuries are common and the highly trained coaching staff will scale or modify movements to work around your injury.
  3. Yes we are super friendly!  Everyone will know your name, you’ll make tons of friends and they’ll hold you accountable to coming to class.
  4. No judgement at CFE – the staff and members support one another regardless of abilities.  Come with a good attitude, willingness to do your best each class and an openness to learn from your Coach and you’ll fit right in!
  5. We have a saying at CFE – do stupid things and you may get hurt-just like in life!  We ask our members to be smart, listen to your coaches and listen to your body.  We instill in our coaches to keep your safety in mind at all times.

If you are considering joining CrossFit Equality and still have concerns, contact me HERE.  If you are ready to take the first step toward fitness and fun sign up for your free no sweat intro session HERE!

– Coach Ann