Let me ease your mind….

supportIf you have been thinking about trying CrossFit but are too afraid that you will get hurt, get rhabdo (google it) or worse, die (thanks misinformed media), allow me to put your mind to ease.

At CrossFit Equality, our coaches main focus is your safety. We are huge proponents of technique/consistency/intensity. What does this mean?

It means that only after you are consistent with your technique that we will encourage you to lift more or go harder. We are not going to ask you, and definitely will not demand that you lift heavier, go harder or faster than you are physically or mentally capable of. Don’t get me wrong, we will absolutely encourage you to push yourself, challenge yourself, be better and do more than YOU did the day before. When that happens, positive results happen.

Come visit our box and experience it for yourself before you cast judgment. Read our “rules of conduct” board. You will see that it reminds us not to do stupid things. As coaches our goal is to do what is right for each individual athlete. And as the athlete, it is YOUR responsibility to ask questions, scale the weight, the movement, the reps, take breaks when you need to and even stop a workout completely if you have to.

The real fear people should have is the bad eating, drinking, smoking, you name it habits (along with all the extra weight that comes with those bad habits) that’s killing you, NOT CrossFit!

Owner CrossFit Equality