Mentally & Physically Happy! – Ashley Reynoso

I started CrossFit after my cousin tried to convince me to try it for a year and for my16th birthday I asked my mom for the membership just to try it out. I’m not going to lie my first weeks were difficult and I was convinced I wasn’t going to come back after the first week, but the motivation and the people there had me hooked and now I cant get enough!

Crossfit has changed my life by making me feel comfortable with myself . I have never been more mentally and physically happy with myself then I am now! I honestly think working out and being surrounded by the amazing people at CFE has helped me in my daily life by making me confident enough to make my voice heard. I feel a lot more secure in myself at school.

One of my best memories at crossfit was during the 17.1 open. Close to the end of it I thought I could not keep going. I wanted to fall and give up but my coaches and friends gave me non stop supportand I kept going and at the end of it I felt extremely proud of myself.

I don’t really remember much of my first WOD. I was so nervous, but I do remember being really sore my first week. I remember we worked with sandbags and I hated every second of it! (i still hate sandbags).

My proudest accomplishment since I’ve started is probably losing 30lbs and I am eating a lot more healthy and I’m drinking tons of water!

My advice to someone who’s barely starting is don’t give up. It takes hard work and practice to master some of the movements but getting there and doing what you can (scaled versions) is enough!

I don’t know what I’d do without Crossfit Equality!

And a side note: Since Ashley wrote this she has completed coach Michael’s 6 week weightlifting program and has done amazing! Oh and by the way, she’s just 16 years old!

Ashley Reynoso – Why I CrossFit!

I crossfit because it makes me happy and it makes me feel good about myself.

It makes me feel accomplished after finishing a workout

that I thought there was no way I would finish.

I crossfit because it makes me a better healthier version of myself. But most importantly

I crossfit because I love it.