One of the most overlooked nutrition tools is our own mindset. Our brain works in numerous ways and can be the governing tool of success or failure when it comes to eating right. Take this into consideration: Our brain (ourselves) decides which ideas and thoughts are true or false, which are real or fake and despite reasonable or unreasonable proof, we are the ones to make the final conclusion about anything.

When it comes to the food we put in our mouth, it’s the exact same thing. Our brain gives us options and we decide which route to take. As our knowledge grows on nutrition – which foods we should be eating and which of those we shouldn’t – we immediately create the option to eat right. The difficulty is prioritizing goals and resolutions over the temptation and desire of eating the wrong foods – hence a stronger mindset.

Here are some tips to strengthen yourself mentally and increase the chance of choosing the right foods over the ones we really don’t need:

  1. Eat slow, enjoy and don’t get stuffed – Take your time during every meal of the day. Enjoy the food your made/bought and really savor the taste. If you’re in a hurry or don’t have the time, then eat a small quantity over the entire day. Small meals over time will keep you full and satisfied. To prevent overeating, drink a glass/bottle of water before and after your meal/snack. Water is a great ‘human-stuffer’ and it’s good for you 😛
  2. Don’t sweat the over indulgence – We tend to get immediately negative when we know we did something bad such as overeating. Instead, take it easy, look at what you did wrong and fix it the next meal or the next day. Focusing on the negative just leads to more negative actions, so switch it around and learn.
  3. The mirror doesn’t reflect performance – A lot of athlete’s goals is to finally get a flat stomach, bigger arms, bigger legs, bigger butt, etc. etc. One thing we sometimes overlook is the fact that our lifts are increasing or we’re cutting minutes off our Metcon times. We’re improving our performance so be happy! Rejoice in your success and don’t worry so much about your physical appearance. Simply keep putting in the work and the results will come – stress won’t do you any favors.
  4. Stay enthusiastic – No matter what happens, try and stay positive. Look at the bright side of things and keep a smile on your face. If you mess up – which you will at times – brush it off, learn and move on. A positive attitude can effect everything from weight loss to performance at the box, so don’t take it for granted.

There you have it, some tips to strengthen yourself mentally and increase the chance of choosing the right path towards nutritional success. For further nutritional advice and help, Sign Up for our 2018 Nutrition Challenge or one of our Nutrition Programs!!