Some say the early bird gets the worm. In this case, it’s true. Amanda Flores has been waking up excruciatingly early to make it to our first CrossFit class of the day at 5AM. I know what most of you are saying, “I can’t do that” or “that’s way too early!”, but have you ever given it a try? Have ever actually gotten off the bed, jumped in your car and drove to the box for an early workout?

The excuse “I can’t make it to the gym” is bogus (Unless you’re working 24/7….if that’s the case, find yourself a better job, hehe). Most of us HAVE THE TIME, we just allow other excuses to brew and convince us that we don’t. Stray away from those thoughts, focus on your goals rather than the excuse keeping you from them. The people who do that, the ones that get up early or make it to the box late, THEY are the ones that achieve their fitness goals and succeed. Amanda is one of those athletes, a person who does not defend laziness but instead kicks it to the curb.

Amanda has been with us since April of this year. We’ve seen her earlier progress in a previous blog, but here’s an update. Currently, Amanda has a CrossFit Membership here at CFE. This gives her the opportunity to work out nearly everyday of the week…..and she has. She wakes up earlier than most of us, makes it to the 5AM class and does not complain. From the picture above you can see Amanda’s 12 week transformation. By eating right under Coach Courtney’s Nutrition Program and working out almost every day of the week, she’ll be getting to her goal in no time. She’s seen the progress achievable through hard work and dedication and is in no rush to stop any of it. It’s not a shortcut, it’s not a easier path, it’s a simple equation. Dedication = Success.

We’re extremely proud of Amanda, she’s an amazing athlete that has motivated the CFE Crew and Staff. Never stop, keep pushing and the world will be yours.

A number one motivator is that physical change, being able to see your hard work in the mirror. If you want to see those kind of changes, if you are motivated to get the ball rolling again or for the first time, sign up for a No Sweat Intro right this instant! Let us at CrossFit Equality help you achieve your goals.