Welcome To CFE!

Welcome to CrossFit Equality (CFE for short) and my first blog!

Many of you have asked, why in the heck at your age (they say I don’t look as old as I am…I can thank my mother for that!) would you want to own your own business (ie..work 80 hours a week). Well, it all has to do with serving others. Two years ago I found CrossFit and realized that this was the avenue in which I wanted to be in service to others. I am so excited to have built this new home where you and I can come have fun, sweat our buns off (just wait until August), make new friends, learn new things, be challenged in ways unimaginable and become fit in the process!

I look forward to meeting “every body” who walks through these doors! Whether or not you become a member of the CFE clan, it will be an honor and a privilege.

Happy Holidays!