12.23.14 Tuesday

Happy Birthday Coach Carley!
Happy Birthday Coach Carley!

CrossFit Equality – CrossFit

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Metcon (Time)

(5) 10m Shuttle Sprints x 4 Sets
Touch ground at each end
Rest 30 sec between each set
Record best time

Coach Carley’s Birthday WOD (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

23min AMRAP
1 Front Sqt +2 Push Press + 3 Back Sqt (135/95#)
10 Pull Ups
15 Slam Ball Sit Ups (30/20#)
200m Run with Slam Ball

After Party

28 burpees or
2min Burpee Challenge (and if you don’t get to 28 burpees in 2min then you keep going till you get to 28!)

6:00am CFLite Class
Max Wall Balls (20/14#)
Rest 1min
8min AMRAP
5 Goblet Squats (44/35#
10 Ring Rows

We will be closed this Wednesday and Thursday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t workout…here’s a good wod you can do at home!
8 minute AMRAP
50 jumping jacks
10 squats
50 jumping jacks
10 pushup

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