09.04.15 Friday

Chloe' is ready for CrossFit!
Chloe’ is ready for CrossFit!

1RM Bench Press

Teams of Two or Three:
AMRAP 10 Minutes:
Partner A Runs 200 M
Partner B Rows for max calories
Partner C Does Single Unders
rotate positions whenever the runner returns
Score is total calories
BootCamp 6:00am
4 Rounds
200m Run
20m Walking lunge w/ plate OH (45/25#)
10 Ring or Box Dips

AP: 100 Sledge Hammers for Time

QOD: What are your plans for the Labor Day Holiday? Anyone traveling and dropping into another box?

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  1. Going to visit Dean at Aggieland CF tomorrow. Hoping some awesome coach opens the box on Monday for a few hours to get some gainz on.

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