08.30.13 Friday

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08.30.13 Friday (Time)

Partner WOD-Teams of 2
5 Rounds for Time
5 Band Runs per person 50m each
10 Jumping Squats each partner
Partner Wheelbarrow walk (from bay door to rig/change partners/back to bay door)
200M single plate carry 45/25 each partner must carry with grip on top, plate at side

Reminder! There are NO Friday morning classes August 30th. There will be one class at 5:30pm. We are closed Saturday AND Sunday. Monday morning we will have an outdoor WOD at a park near Lone Star College on Barker Cypress. Be sure and check your email for details!

Does working out in a group motivate you more? (Speak your mind below!)

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  1. I love working out in a group. I’m not going to lie, when I started @CFE in January, I was super self-conscious about everything. I didn’t want to look stupid for not knowing the movements, having a poor performance, worrying I just might throw up in the middle of a WOD. Everything! Now, I wouldn’t do it any other way. This is a testament to Ann and the rest of the coaches and the members creating an environment where everybody is welcome and accepted and happy to help. Everybody looks like a fool sometimes and if you don’t, you’re probably not trying hard enough.

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