08.27.13 Tuesday

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Overhead Squat (start at 50% of max: 5-4-3-2-1)

08.27.13 Tuesday (Time)

Hang Power Snatch (60-70% 1RM OHS)
Overhead Squat (OHS)

After Party

Tire Sledge Hammers 5×10

Ever cheated your rep count? (speak your mind below)

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  1. If I do, it’s by accident. You only cheat yourself in the long run…. And no one likes a cheater.

  2. I think it’s dumb when people knowingly do. If I know there is something I can’t do a ton of and need to scale (lunges) I let coach know ahead of time so I’m not that guy…nobody wants to be “that guy” just to get a fast time you didn’t earn because others def notice and scared Ann will call me out when she reviews the video feeds :-/ We are there to workout not race so better to focus on proper form and do reps so if you do a competition and you have a judge counting you, you won’t look like a fool sucking wind because you cheated yourself during your training

    Just my thoughts

  3. I will admit that when I first started crossfit I short counted my reps a few times. Why? Because I was the last person working and embarrassed about being a slow poke. Do I do that today? Heck no! I don’t care what other people think. And I realized that if I cheat in a wod, I would probably cheat in other areas of my life. In the long run that’s a recipe for disaster both inside and outside the box!

  4. I accidentally did last week when I skipped a whole movement (lunges) on the last round. Went back and made it up, though!

    I am not so new anymore, but still often finishing last or close to it. Am I tempted? Sometimes. But I would never forgive myself if I did. Even if no one noticed (and I’m always sure they would, which is probably false). Unless you’re finishing last and everyone is watching/cheering, like the awesome CFE crew.

    One thing I do every once in a while is go a little too easy on myself when I should have no-repped for bad form. This is especially the case with things like wall balls that I’m not good at. I know these are great opportunities to get better, but hey, if we’re being honest here…

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