04.13.15 Monday

Team Work!
Team Work!

65%x5, 75%x5, 85%x5 or more
Last round, as many reps as possible
Cycle 1, Week 2

EMOM 15 minutes:
Minute 1: 5 Thrusters (135/95#)
Minute 2: 250 M Row
Minute 3: Max DU/Single Unders

Score is total rounds completed + max jump rope (divide SU by 3 to enter in WODIFY)

AP: 5sec tight arch hold x 10
6:00am CFLite Class
For each of the following exercises you will do 15 of each
at the end of the mat by bay door, sprint down to other end, do 15 reps
of same movement. One time through for time:
HR Push Ups
Sit Ups

AP: 5 x 10 Russian Twists w/ KB

QOD: If you could spend 15 minutes with anyone, living or dead, who would it be? Why?

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