01.28.16 Thursday

Aziliz always smiling!!
Aziliz always smiling!!
40%x5, 50%x5, 60%x5 (no more than 5 reps)
Percents are based off of 90% of your 1RM
Cycle 1, Week 4

Run 1600 meters
Rest 3 minutes
Run 1200 meters
Rest 2 minutes
Run 800 meters
Rest 1 minute
Run 400 meters
5:30pm BootCamp
1min at each station
3 Rounds
Med Ball Sit Up Toss to Wall (20/14#)
Battle ropes (each arm 1rep)
Box Step Ups w/ DB’s at sides (35/25#)
Russian KBS (44/35#)
Row for Calories

Score is total reps for all rounds.

QOD: Who do you think is going to win the In House Competition Male/Female RX/Scaled?

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