Tuesday 11.17.15

Walnut Wally looking mighty sporty in his "I don't fetch, I snatch" swag!
Walnut Wally looking mighty sporty in his “I don’t fetch, I snatch” swag!

Bench Press 5RM

In 8 Min as far as possible:
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10- etc
Thruster (115/75#)
Lateral Burpee over the bar
score is total # of reps for both movements
ex: if finished 7 thrusters total score would be 49
5:30pm BootCamp

5min AMRAP
250m Row
10 Ring Rows
* Rest 3min *
5min AMRAP
50 Single Unders
12 KBS (44/35#)
* Rest 3min *
5min AMRAP
10 Alt DB Snatch (35/25#)
10 DB Lunges

QOD: This question is for the men….When you wear an under shirt, do you tuck it into your boxers/briefs or no?

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