Today on Throwback Thursday, we get to look into the transformation of our very own – Jennifer Hornsby! For those who don’t know, Jennifer joined us back in January of 2015. She is coming up on her three year anniversary with CFE so we write this today to express our gratitude towards someone with such dedication and enthusiasm at our box.


Her smile is a presence of heart, one that strives during tough workouts and is able to make dim days bright. She can be a jester sometimes, making everyone’s day with her humor and jolly personality. She has two young well-behaved boys that follow her to the box and give her the time she needs to do something she enjoys. That family bond is definitely something that has impacted her in a very positive way. In addition, she has gained many friends over her years at CFE – making numerous unbreakable bonds. 



With enough said, take a look at the slideshow below to see her progress over time. The pictures alone are not an accurate representation of her overall transformation, but display a glimps into her journey. Join us at CFE to meet amazing people like Jennifer! Thank you Jennifer for being a part of CrossFit Equality. We hope you continue to flourish and reach all of your goals and dreams!!