Find the balance


On May 4th, 2016, Swami joined CrossFit Equality after his No Sweat Intro with Ann. During this time he was able to open up and express his fitness aspirations and personal goals. Swami was excited to get going with his fitness lifestyle with a goal to lose weight and get back down to 200 pounds. After undergoing his fundamentals and starting the Crossfit Program, Swami stayed consitent. He came to at least three classes per week, took personal training sessions to improve some of his technical skills and pushed through the difficulties that come with all Crossfit workouts. Slowly but surely he started to see results, body fat started to go down as his muscle mass increased. The scale still didn’t have the number he wanted to see, but his appearance was changing drastically. The images above are in chronoclogical order, but they do not justify just how much Swami has changed.

In the last couple of weeks Swami has finally gotten under his 200 mark and reached his initial goal. His focus has no shifted to his next target – rack up the pullups! Swami has been staying after class to practice using resistance bands. He’s working on his upper body strength so he can finally get a pullup. Even after tough WODs (the ones that leave you breathless on the floor and asking yourself why you do this stuff to begin with), you can find Swami at the rig, racking up chin-ups even after everyone has left. He is a dedicated individual who’s success is unmeasurable. The thing that we find most admirable about Swami is his ability to find a balance between work, excerise and real life. He’s a man who loves to travel for pleasure and has done so many times this past year.

As I write this I’m sure he’s in the mountains of Peru, hiking away with all of his pals. Even on vacation he’s sure to stay active to not lose everything he’s worked so hard to achieve. When he returns we’ll certainly see him back at the box getting right back after it as though he never left. We at CFE want to congratulate Swami for all of his accomplishments. He’s a joy to have in every class and we’re glad to have him as part of our family.

Thank you Swami for being so cool and awesome. Keep striving for more and you’ll achieve all of your goals!!