LaKesha joined CrossFit Equality in July after partaking in one of the coolest events we’ve hosted – Wine/Women/Wod! After getting a taste (pun intended) of what CFE is all about, she didn’t hestitate to join. To our left is the first photo we ever took of LaKesha. We added this picture to our Members Wall so that members like LaKesha can go back and see who they used to be. The sport of Crossfit does not only change you physically, but mentally as well. It opens up an entire new world of support and family that you never thought existed.

LaKesha gets a sense of this unity in our BootCamp Program. She’s surrounded with ladies with similar goals. It’s been nearly four months since LaKesha started her journey with us and as I write this, she’s out there working out and sweating in this November cold.


To my right is one of LaKesha’s most recent pictures. You can see the evident progress she’s made in the short time she’s been with us at CFE. Not only has she physically changed, but her mind is in the game. Coaches can see the commitment and the hard work she’s been putting in every workout. We’re glad to call her part of the family because LaKesha is an example of a prime time athlete. We hope she continues to grow with time and hope to see her triumph as she reaches all of her goals.

Thank you LaKesha for being an inspiration to everyone!


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Dedicate some time to yourself, your goals and your happiness. We have different programs for every athletic level so don’t be afraid. We will make sure you’re ready for whatever challenges are ahead and we’ll not only help, but guide you in the right direction.


Hope to see you soon!