Daina O’Kane

"I now fit into that wedding dress!"

What brought me to CFE originally was that I couldn’t fit into my wedding dress, and I needed something structured to push me to get back into shape.  Going to a “normal” gym wasn’t going to cut it – I needed to be challenged – and I needed it to be a place that was nearby where I wouldn’t talk myself out of going because of how long it took to get there.

That first workout, I was so intimidated by how easy it looked for some of the ladies to do all the exercises, and mortified at what I couldn’t do (a sit-up, for one). I used to compete on a national scale in running during college in 5K and 10k, but I could barely make it 200 yards. I was very discouraged. But after coming to class for the last few months, I’m not intimidated anymore, and getting to workouts has now become the highlight of my day.

My first bright spot? When I could finally do full sit-ups!  We hadn’t had a workout with them in a while, and I went from not being able to do a single sit-up on the first day, to doing 140 of them a few weeks ago! I whoop-whooped in class!  What I’m working on now is trying to improve my core strength and arm strength, and because I recently upgraded to the full membership – also working on my barbell techniques. When I can finally do a full burpee, I will whoop whoop again!

My favorite memory? Has to be from day one – when Laura encouraged me through my tears at how out of shape I was that it would get better, I just needed to keep coming to class. She was right. I’m pleasantly surprised at the progress I’ve made in these last few months: I walk taller, I feel better, I sleep better, and best of all – I now fit into that wedding dress!


In the last couple of weeks Daina has hit milestones in both her training and personal life. She’s fit into her wedding dress, a goal she had in mind since joining CrossFit Equality. Now, she contiues her journey to develop new goals, both in and out of the gym. She’s upgraded her membership from BootCamp 3x/week to Unlimited CorssFit Classes because she just couldn’t get enough!

Even through injuries she comes in to put in the work – not making any excuses to miss the classes. She’s not afraid to ask the questions she needs answered and has become an exemplary student. It’s a joy to have her in class and as part of the CFE Crew. We know she’ll continue in the right direction and can’t wait to see what more she will accomplish. Thank you Daina! You’re awesome!


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