"CrossFit Equality OPEN Intramural"

1) How long have you been doing CF and how long have you been a member of CFE? 

I have been doing crossfit for 11 months, all at CFE. 

2) What was your favorite moment ? 

A couple of months ago I was struggling with a timed WOD. I was the last one to finish & the 5am crew was cheering me on. I completed the workout with just seconds to spare. That workout is what convinced me to do the Crossfit Open this year.

3) What did you accomplish this year that you didn’t expect to? 

Mentally – my confidence & attitude has changed. Physically – so many things. Lifting heavy, first double under, completing WOD’s that looked impossible to me.

4) What was your favorite workout ? 

Anyone that has rowing in it, I love the rower. 

5) What is the one thing you would tell others interested in CrossFit and/or thinking of trying the CrossFit Open next year? 

Don’t wait “to get in better shape”, crossfit will get you there. Conquer your fears & step outside of your comfort zone. It is life changing!!

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