Ten and Out without a Doubt? Think again!

As we did last year, so we repeat the fun again! Here is a repost from 14.2…

So we’ve seen the Facebook comments and heard the groans…”we’ll 14.2, scratch that, 15.2 will be a short WOD for me because I don’t have chest to bars or even pull ups yet.” Well think again CFE Open Crew! We want you to keep going!

That’s right. If you can do 10 overhead squats with the required weight (no scaling of the OHS), but aren’t close to getting one chest to bar pullup as prescribed or a chin over bar pull up as scaled, then scale them to your level (ie: banded C2B, box jump C2B or ring rows). Of course your official Open score will be what you completed as prescribed (not scaled). Your score may be 10, but you get to keep the party going!

Your workout will end when you can no longer complete the 2 rounds of OHS in ascending reps and CTB pullups (as prescribed or scaled) in ascending reps.

Let’s party!!!

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