Requesting Donations for Kids this Holiday Season!

In lieu of an official holiday party (because you have so many to go to already!), we are asking the awesome members of CFE to help out a couple of good causes. All it takes is a quick trip to the dollar store!

At the request of several of our members who teach at Francone Elementary, between now and Sunday December 15th, we are accepting donations for Francone Elementary’s Holiday Shop for the kids. Any small toy, trinket, candy, candles, anything a child may want to “buy” with their Francone bucks earned throughout the year. $20 or less value. They are also asking for gift wrap, bags, ribbon, tissue paper, bow and name tags.

Between now and Tuesday December 17th, we are accepting donations for the Cy-Fair ISD Community Tutoring Program through the Cy-Hope program. They operate 3 Learning Centers in at-risk, low-income apartment complexes. They provide homework help and offer a safe after-school environment to the students 2 days a week. They are hosting a Christmas party for the kids next week and would love to provide each kid with a stocking filled with candy and maybe a small token (pencil, stickers, game, book, etc.) There are about 150 kids that attend these 3 Learning Centers. Cy-Hope will purchase the stockings.

Please drop your UNWRAPPED donations off at the box! Your generous contributions will help make a kids day!!!