Why I love the CrossFit Community


The man/woman who finishes last often gets cheered (for) louder than the man who finishes first” – Sean Woodland

While watching the athletes at Bring the Heat 6 a few weekends ago, I found myself repeatedly inspired by the camaraderie displayed between the athletes. Instead of moving on after finishing their workout, many athletes chose to stand by in support of those still fighting through.

There is nothing more disheartening than the rest of the class putting weights away when you have two more rounds to go. So the next time you’re done with the WOD look around and cheer on the person next to you. We’ve all been there before, the last person working and we all know that extra push is invaluable. So don’t be a bro, tell your box mate to pick up the bar, move their a%$ and to keep moving!

It doesn’t matter whether you come in first or come in last. What matters is that you showed up and did the work. CrossFit will not only make you appreciate the finish in a workout, but will help you mentally to become a better person all around through the process of coming in first or perhaps coming in last, but finishing ahead of those who never finished at all or who never even showed up.

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-Coach Michael