How CrossFit Has Changed Me – Laurie Temple

A long time ago I was a soccer player, played all my life up until I was 29. Then I had back surgery, and that part of my life was gone forever. I missed the comradery and family aspect that came with playing on a team.

So I tried to fill that void, I joined 24 hour fitness. Partly because my surgeon told me I need to and partly because I knew that I need to be physically active somehow. I paid for a trainer for a few years but they kept moving on to better things because basically 24 hour sucked. I cut back my time there, got married and shifted focus.

Then my world crumbled, my oldest brother was killed and a year later my dad died. I lost who I was and I had a lot of holes that need to be filled. So I dove in to work and allowed myself to be drowned by it. I was angry often and frankly not fun to be around most of the time. We were active some, riding horses and rodeo involvement but I was missing the feeling that you get from being part of a team.

I heard about CrossFit and looked online to see if something was close to try it. Low and behold there was a place about 2 miles from the house. So I showed up, took the intro class and almost puked. I was interested. I came back a few days later for my first WOD, Hot Shots 19. Courtney Adams asked if I wanted to partner up and I said sure. It was hard but I was sold on it.

A few years later, I am still here. I have found my team I lost over a decade ago. My holes are filled and my smile has been found. I quit the job I had and started putting me first in my life. I feel guilty when I miss and blessed when I am at the box. It’s a love hate relationship I have with CrossFit, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. CFE is my second home and my second family. I shudder to think who or what I would be had I not found Ann, Jeremy, and Michael. Everyone else has just been a bonus and a blessing in my life.