Going Rouge With An Off Site Corporate Fitness Challenge!

The InBody Scanner goes Rouge!

Last week we had the privilege of helping Gallant Builders (www.gallantbuilders.com) kick off their in house corporate fitness challenge by performing an InBody scan on 21 of their employees at their Houston headquarters.

Gallant reached out to us for help with their challenge by getting their employees started on a healthier lifestyle. They wanted to establish a measurable baseline of participants weight, body fat percentage and lean body mass (among other data). The InBody body analysis scanner was the perfect choice! Each participant received an explanation of their individual test results, where they needed to focus on and a nutrition packet full of useful information!

We will return to Gallant Builders in two months to retest the participants on the InBody scanner and determine the winner. We will also hear about the better lifestyle choices, healthier exercise and eating habits they established over these two months.

Not only will these positive changes impact the individual by making them happier and healthier, it will also impact the company as a whole by reducing the number of employee sick days and potentially reduce the companies health care expenses.

If you or someone at your organization would like to make a positive impact on your staff and work even better together CONTACT US today!

-Coach Ann