Christi Carter – Athlete of The Month

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June 30, 2014: Congrats to Christi on being our Athlete of The Month! Here is why we nominated you:

Determined, positive, friendly, persevering, helpful, open minded, sweet and honest – these are just a few of the adjectives that describe Christi. She does not let age defy her, never lets the wod get to her no matter how daunting it may be, is not afraid to scale to her abilities, is a sponge for learning and is always trying to be better than SHE was the day before. And I just love it when she says “Right On!” It puts a smile on my face every time! – Coach Ann

Christi embodies the values and goals of CrossFit and CFE to the tee. She’s extremely positive, encouraging, and motivational to everyone around her. My favorite CFE Christi moment was her determination and fight to finish the last WOD of the open no matter how long it took, it was a genuinely inspiring moment. Christi is a pleasure to have in class! Oh her paleo meals are awesome too! – Coach Carley

Christi embraces the true spirit of CrossFit by always encouraging others, giving every workout her best effort, scaling when necessary, and never quitting. I can tell Christi is passionate about our community and it is always a pleasure to have her in class. It is because of people like Christi that make me love our community at CrossFit Equality and drive me to work harder each day. – Coach Jeremy

Christi is the model CrossFit athlete, she gives it 100% every time she steps in the gym, the word CAN’T is not in her vocabulary. Christi often arrives early and stays late to get in extra work and will always jump in with someone to help finish their workout after she has finished her own. She always is a blast to have in class and a great part of our CrossFit Equality community! – Coach Michael

Hometown: Houston, Texas
Age: Do I have to? 55
Occupation: I am a Chef with a catering company, Supper and Sweets, and a Food Truck, Gastro Punk, that my husband and I run together.
Married, Significant Other, Single, Dating, Looking?!: I have a wonderful man in my life, Don S.

I first started CrossFit in September 2013 when I joined CFE. Before that I swam when I was a kid YMCA, AAU, from about age 8 through high school. I danced in high school, I was a Gold Duster at Jersey Village. As an adult I’ve taken lots of Yoga classes off and on for about 15 years now, Hapkido Karate for a minute, a lot of Pilates, and Rock Climbing was a huge part of my life at one time.

I really don’t remember my first WOD at CFE but I know I was nervous, I still get nervous. I do remember coming in for my intro session with Ann and how sore I was for DAYS after. I joined in on a paleo challenge right away and the first WOD had wallballs, I had never done them, I didn’t even know what they were. I learned real fast!

I am a bit on the older side so gravity definitely has taken its course. However, since starting CrossFit everything has tightened up, I mean everything, my entire body! My arms are really firm, my back muscles are becoming more defined, my butt has lifted, I have more energy, stamina, even my skin has improved. I could go on!! My diet has improved because my body needs good fuel for all of this exercise. My diet is not perfect (I am only human) but when I am slacking, I can really feel the difference in my work out. I just returned from a visit with my daughters in New York and Madison said this is the best I have looked in 15 years!

Since taking on something like CrossFit, the most unexpected change I’ve experienced is that I have had a shift in the way I think about my body. Instead of getting down on myself because my stomach is pudgy or I have too much cellulite or that my body is not the way I would like it to look, I am so grateful, every day, for my body because it enables me to CrossFit!

My favorite thing about CrossFit is the community. I love the intense workouts but the people are what keep me coming back. As far as my favorite WODs go, I really like the AMRAPS or anything for time. There is just something about yelling “TIME!” I hate to admit this, but, I have really grown sort of fond of burpees. I will deny this if you tell anyone! However, I am not fond of running or overhead squats. Squat snatches scare the **** out of me! I WILL CONQUER!!!

My advice to people just starting CrossFit is to just do what you can do. Everything is scalable to you. Just do what you can do. CHIPAWAY! And, LEAVE YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR!!

When not at CFE, I have a passion for dogs, LOVE THEM! I am trying to help with the over population of unwanted pets in our city through volunteering with different rescue agencies so if you happen to be one of my FB friends, I apologize for the many postings of animals looking for homes but you never know, that home could be with you! I also love to cook. Specialty cakes are my favorite so if you need one, give me a call. I also have three adult children Cash, Madison and Mallori and enjoy spending time with them whenever possible, which is never enough. I also very much enjoy my 2 dogs Foxylady and Dutchess. I love, love, love the outdoors, camping, hiking, swimming, sailing, etc.

If I could write the WOD it would be:
Bench Press 1RM
Rep Rounds for time
Burpees/ Med Ball Sit Ups/ Push Ups