To Redo or Not to Redo 17.1 or any Open Workout?

If you’re sore today (and maybe again tomorrow) from 17.1, I strongly suggest you push your ego aside (as unfortunately, none of us will be making it to the CF Games) and learn to live another day.

Doing the workout again in effort to do better than someone else or to improve a few seconds within 48+ hours for no other reason is not smart. Don’t rationalize it with, “I know I can do better. Isn’t that what this is about?” Yes, you’re correct. You can also repeat this workout in a week, or 2, or 52 and improve.

You know what’s worse than doing 150 dumbbell snatches in 20 minutes? Complaining about how you feel and doing it again another 24-48 hours later!

If on the other hand, you feel good and don’t hurt and want to give it another shot, I will still try to talk you out of it, but otherwise go for it. Just don’t wonder why you can’t stand up after 300 dumbbell snatches over a 3 to 4 day period!

Consider this your most valuable tip on how to be smart and survive the Open!