The 2015 CrossFit Open is Here!

The 2015 CrossFit Open starts this week with the release of the first workout, 15.1 this Thursday February 26th at 7:00pm CST!

This is a 5 week test of not only your fitness but your mental fortitude. It’s an opportunity to face your fears and all those doubts floating around in your pretty little head. It’s an opportunity to trust that your teammates and coaches will be there to encourage and support you through every minute of every WOD! It’s an opportunity to record in stone (aka the world wide web) just how far you’ve come and to celebrate the awesomeness that you bring to CFE everyday!

Yet despite all of these positive opportunities, I keep hearing a lot of negatives as to why you might not be signing up….”I can’t do the wods”, “I’m not ready”, “I don’t have $20”. There are those doubts creeping into that pretty little head!

Well, this year CrossFit is allowing scaling of the workouts which nullifies your “I can’t do the wods and I’m not ready” excuses. And if you really don’t have $20, come see me and I will float you a loan to sign up. Seriously, there should be no excuses!

Sign up today at

For the next five Fridays (starting this Friday Feb 27th) we will be doing the CF Open WOD in every Friday class. We will run two heats with a fellow CFE Crew member judging your reps. So if you typically workout on Fridays, why not sign up anyway? You’ll get to be a part of a worldwide event, inputting your score into a global leaderboard with over 200,000 other CrossFitters!

We will also be scheduling times to do the WOD with a certified judge (a CFE
Coach) on Sundays via Wodify (not the google calendar after all). Go to your phone app or Go to class schedule, change the date to the Sunday date and reserve the time slot/coach you want! If you are signed up for the open and would like to be judged on Sunday, you do not need an Unlimited membership during the Open.

If you are not able to make your time slot, please call, text, email, FB message your judge or me at least 30min prior to your time slot or there will be a $20 no show fee charged to your Wodify account. Our coaching staff volunteers their time to judge you on Sundays. Please be considerate of their time by staying on schedule, cancel ahead of time if needed and thank them for judging you!

Sundays at CFE during the Open are even more fun than normal Sunday Fundays. Extra loud music, Coach Michael screaming in your year and perhaps beer afterwards (as long as you count it towards your blocks)!

The workouts will be announce each Thursday at 7:00pm CST (we will have the live announcement playing on the box TV). Weekly scores must be entered into the CrossFit Games website no later than 7:00pm CST or you will not be able to enter your score, no exceptions.

Now that all the logistics are out of the way I have but one question for you…
Would you rather show up, give it your all, and fail; or just stay home, and never know if you could have done it?

Sign up today at

– Coach Ann