Sam’s Transformation

– by Coach Michael Lyons
– 12.05.15

Recently during a conversation with Sam he informed me that to date he had lost 100lbs. I have a similar success story so was interested in what motivated him to do so, what kept him going and any words he could share to motivate others. Here is what Sam had to say!

1. What made you want to change?
I spent a lot of my teen years saying, “I want to” but doing nothing about it. I don’t know how many stints I made to eat less, eat better, work out or whatever, and didn’t follow through for some excuse or another. Something personal triggered the transformation two years back, I am glad it did and hopefully I will be able to sustain this in the future too.

2. Tell us how this last year of a “lifestyle change” has been for you, what kept you motivated?
It started in Nov 2013, I made a decision to stop binge eating, sodas, processed food etc. I think the key is to take baby steps, not to make any abrupt change that I can’t keep up with. I find it hard and terrible to completely avoid something, so I always allow myself to have treats and
breaks, that keeps me from getting discouraged. Apart from that I had the CFE family to motivate/challenge and support me all the way.

3. How has CrossFit helped you get you to where you are today?
I did one day of the basics course at CFE and I was hooked! I immediately realized how insanely out of shape I was. It’s taken some small adjustments to learn to like to sweat, to quantify progress in pounds on the barbell and reps completed instead of weight lost.

4. Name some of your favorite personal records you have set.
a. Waist size 42” to 33” in last two years.
b. I have never run a mile before CFE Endurance. Thanks to Coach Michael I am a half marathon finisher, hopefully a full marathon soon!!

5. How would you respond to someone who might be in the same boat you were a year ago, has heard about your amazing transformation, but they may be afraid to make a change?
I wish I could give them a day in my life, then and now, to show them the transformation I have gone through because they wouldn’t hesitate to start the journey if they knew the old me. My CFE family helped me transform my life, and am very thankful and grateful for that. Having someone support and believe you will motivate, challenge and hold you accountable.

– Sam
I want to say thank you! I can say that I am super proud to be a part of the CFE family. We have the best coaches! They have always been there for me (especially Ann and Michael) and because of them, I have gained so much. Because of CrossFit I am realizing that I am strong. I can do the things that I wanted to for so long but never had encouragement/commitment to do. Because of CFE I now have goals that I can attain through continued training. You really have changed me in a way you may never realize. You guys inspire me to constantly improve myself because I know that you guys care about my progress and will push me to my limits and beyond. You have
one of the best jobs anyone could have….inspiring people and seeing their dreams and goals come to fruition. Thank you very much for everything that you have done for me!

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  1. Wow sam..thats really an inspiring change over. May be i should join crossfit. Congrats keep going..

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