2016 Sugar Out / Water In Nutrition Challenge Results!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the challenge! We hope that you walked away from the challenge with the realization that sugar is evil and that water is so important! We are proud of each and everyone of you for participating. Regardless of your results, we congratulate you for signing up and making changes toward a healthier lifestyle.

Now on to those who will walk away with a gift bag to include a $50 Amazon gift card, 2 free InBody Scans, Fit Aid, O2 drink and an Epic Bar.

The team with the best all around results with a combined score of 449 points, 4.92% weight loss and improved their WOD by a total of 29 points: 

Team Melissa B. and Coach Ginger!!

The individual female with the best all around results with a total score of 232 points, 12.8 total pounds lost: Aly L.!!

The individual male with the best all around results with a total score of 223 points, 4.3 total pounds lost: Ron W.!!


AGE: 45
TIME: 5 months
GOAL: Jog minimum of 2 miles without stopping. Reach ideal body weight within 1 year.

For the past few months it’s been a journey that I am proud I am taking. Losing weight the right way has always been a struggle for me, and being committed to a program was a very tough thing. I always looked for the “easy way” to lose weight and it was the most unhealthy way of doing it. Being part of the Nutrition Ac-COUNT-ability program offered by CrossFit Equality has changed so many things…the way I eat, my water intake and my mental stability. Seeing my body change is great, but knowing that I am not only changing physically, but mentally is even more rewarding. Losing these 11.5lbs wasn’t easy, and I am working hard to lose the next 11.5lbs. My progress might be slower than others, but I am happy with the results I am seeing and how I feel. I have some great people around me that keep me accountable. People that I’ve never met and some that I talk to and see everyday are right there beside me cheering me on and that is an AWESOME feeling.

Does JoAnn’s story resonate with you? Do you need accountability with your nutrition? Contact us today, we’d love to help! (You do not need to be a member of CrossFit Equality to participate in our Nutrition Ac-COUNT-ability Program)