WODs are challenging enough. We ALL know this, but how hard are you pushing yourself through them? Are you just cruising through, sweating just the right amount into tricking your mind into thinking it’s as hard as you can go? Or are you doing the exact opposite and Rx+ing all the weight into broke-back city? It’s difficult to find the sweet-science, the place where you’re working hard enough to make all the gains, but not so hard that you’re risking form and prone to injury. Unfortunately it’s hard for others to dive into your mind and find out for you, but here are two signs that you’re doing one or the other.

Pushing too hard: Your coach continuously comes over to fix your form or tells you to drop weight. Sometimes we athletes get too carried away on hitting PRs and making big lifts that the last thing we’re thinking about is form. We just want to muscle through it so that everyone can clap in unison and rejoice over our sudden accomplishment. NO!! THAT’S BAD!! It may be great that you finalized the lift, but when you wake up the next day and feel your back crack or your knees tumble from under you, what then? DO NOT SACRIFICE FORM OVER DESIRE. All us CrossFitters want to get stronger, but focus on perfecting your form and the strength will come, not vice versa. Listen to your Coach and their advice. They know what they’re talking about because I assure you they’ve been there. Leave your ego at the door and lift accordingly.

Not pushing hard enough: You finish the Metcon extremely and surprisingly fast – I mean EXTREMELY FAST!! Sometimes we do the exact opposite of the example above and don’t push ourselves hard enough. We lower the weight, we scale an exercise we know we can do (but hate) and end up finishing a WOD that took everyone else 10 minutes in half the time. You were still sweating the whole time so doesn’t that count? Exercise in general is great and I applaud that your showing up everyday and putting in work, but Coaches are here not only ensure your safety but to also get you to your goals! We have to push your limits, because most of the time they’re simply mental illusions. It’s okay to be vulnerable and to learn, stray from the safe lane and try something out of the ordinary because success is very likely. Push yourself PAST your limits, don’t just get to them. You get out what you put in.

There you have it. Sometimes we find ourselves pushing just a little too far or not pushing hard enough. Finding a balance is difficult, but you have a limitless supply of help here at CFE. Not only will the Coaches be there to guide you every step of the way, but other athletes like you are there for you as well. CFE is notorious for its great community, so use it!! Thank you đŸ™‚