Our club is open to both beginners, as well as experienced weightlifters


Equality Weightlifting club is proud to be recognized and sanctioned by USA Weightlifting (USAW), the national governing body for the sport. While competing is not a requirement, those that wish to do so will be provided with the framework needed to do so both locally and nationally.

Our club is open to both beginners, as well as experienced weightlifters wanting to improve their technique. Similarly, Equality Weightlifting’s coach excels at creating programs tailored not only to those who want to be a part of Equality’s competitive weightlifting team; but also to fitness enthusiasts and athletes of other sports who want to improve their technique. Coach Michael is highly skilled at utilizing his own journey, experience, education, and certifications to tailor programs to each individual so that they can advance down the path and reach their goals.

Coach Michael refines lifting techniques via one-on-one persistent training. His methods focus on power, strength, and explosiveness to push each individual to their full potential. Equality Weightlifting’s program also includes classes built around a supportive, fun, high-energy atmosphere. These classes include weightlifting and high-intensity workouts that focus on a wide variety of strength and conditioning techniques. Coach Michael further excels at creating classes which are scalable to any level of athlete.

Equality Weightlifting commands each individual to commit to their desire to improve, display a willingness to learn, maintain a positive attitude, and be supportive of all fellow athletes.

If you would like to learn what Coach Michael and Equality Weightlifting has to offer to you, contact him at michael@crossfitequality.com

Michael Lyons – Head Coach

USAW Level 2

$ 150/mo


  • Access to our weightlifting hall during normal business hours.
  • Personalized program for Olympic Weightlifting.
  • Coach on staff during set times.
  • Coaching at Sanctioned Local and National Meets.

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