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Amandas success story


1) How long have you been doing CF and how long have you been a member of CFE?  I have been doing crossfit for 11 months, all at CFE.  2) What was your favorite moment ?  A couple of months ago I was struggling with a timed WOD. I was ...

Ron Webbs success story

Ron Webb

Transformation 2.0 This is an update to my initial Crossfit transformation story because I’ve had to change the way I view Crossfit in my life. I’m going on my third year of Crossfit and in the beginning (Transformation 1.0), things were very differe...

Daina O’Kane

What brought me to CFE originally was that I couldn’t fit into my wedding dress, and I needed something structured to push me to get back into shape.  Going to a “normal” gym wasn’t going to cut it – I needed to be challenged – and I needed i...