Have you ever found yourself face to face with a restaurant menu with limitless options??


I’m sure you have!


Most restaurants nowadays find themselves notorious for having a variety of food options. The menu can range from Vegan choices to giant 5lb steaks with barbecue sauce and a side of onion rings. And guess what? Sometimes, that Steak is cheaper than the Mediterranean Salad!! Yup! You heard it! Outrages isn’t it??!!


Most restaurants (not all) care more about their ratings than what the customer is putting in their mouth. It sucks, but it’s true. They glamour the picture and the font of their Cheese Sticks and Triple Cheese Burgers on their menu, but leave the House Salad or Egg White Omelet in small font on the edge of the page where you can’t even see it.


So what do you do when you’re faced with this adversity? When you face the temptation that is making you drool all over the picture of the Hot & Spicey Chicken Wing appetizer?




Put yourself in the shoes of an athlete – of someone who has a competition or a weigh-in the next day and can’t risk it. Think about yourself and your goals for a second. Will eating that wing help you get to them or make you take a step backwards? Understand exactly what you’re putting in your mouth. Ask the waiter or for someone with the knowledge to tell you exactly how many calories are in that dish, protein, carbs and fats. SODIUM!! Most of us know what’s good and whats bad. Make the executive decision to choose the healtheir option rather than what you’ll regret the day after. It may not be as tasty, it may not satisfy your stomach or brain as much, but it WILL FEED YOUR GOALS!


So next time you’re faced with a limitless menu, take your time, there is no rush. You’re a paying customer and they’re not going to kick you out for taking too long. Look through the entire menu, ask questions if you have them and make the right choice. And if for some reason you just CANNOT stay away from the Cheese Burger, tell them you want no sauce, no cheese, to add extra lettuce and tomatos and other veggies, wheat bread instead of white. As much as there are bad foods, there are ways to make them just a little bit more healthy. And hey! If you can’t find a healthier option, you could also substitute the entire restaurant! Go somewhere else!!


Nobody is perfect, but aim for excellence. If you need help with nutrition please check out our Nutrition Programs! Let us get you on a track to succeess – to your goals! Come visit our facility and see what more we have to offer by signing up for a Free No Sweat Intro~! It only takes 30minutes of your time!