New Years Resolutions or SMART Goals?

Do you make New Years Resolutions? I bet these all sound familiar:

“I’m going to lose weight this year.”
“I’m going to join a gym and workout five days a week.”
“I’m going to eat healthier.”

How many of your new years resolutions were forgotten about or did not come to
fruition? I’m guessing quite a few! I’ve been there myself.

I stopped making new years resolutions years ago and instead make goals, SMART
goals. I’m sure many of you have heard the term SMART goals, but for those who
have not, allow me to school you!

SMART stands for:
S = specific
M = measurable
A = attainable
R = relevant
T = time sensitive

So let’s take the first new years resolution example above and turn it into a
SMART goal.
“I’m going to lose 2lbs per week for six consecutive weeks by working out two
times per week and giving up fast food.” See how much clearer, defined and
realistic this SMART goal is?

One of my many goals this year is to help CFE members become as healthy and fit
as they possibly can. While this is an exciting goal that directly and
positively impacts others it’s not SMART Rx’d!

My SMART goal sounds more like this:
A. Host the Whole Life Challenge, an 8 week health and fitness event starting
February 16th (more details to come).
B. Provide additional training knowledge to CFE members by complete a minimum
of two additional CrossFit training seminars in 2013.

Once you have determined your SMART goals write them down (very important) so
that you can refer to them often especially if you get off track. With
perseverance, dedication and drive you can make your 2013 goals happen! I look
forward to hearing about your goals and helping you achieve them!

To your health in 2013!

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