CFE Coaching Staff: Michael, Carley, Ann, Jeremy and Claudia!

CFE Coaching Staff: Michael, Carley, Ann, Jeremy and Claudia!

2015 is here and it’s that time of year when people profess to make resolutions that don’t last. I’ve fallen victim to these resolutions myself…loose weight, workout at least three times a week, stop drinking beer and margaritas, etc! And after about a month or two, these resolutions are out the window!

So instead of wasting time on resolutions we want you to FOCUS on FUN in 2015! Sounds too simple doesn’t it? It is! If you focus on having fun, everything else will fall into place: losing weight, getting stronger, being healthier.

Your hour (or more) at the box is most likely the most FUN you will have all day! We’ve heard our members time and time again say they’ve had a bad day at work or a stressful day at home but once they finished their workout, they feel so much better! While they were being challenged by a tough workout or spending extra time on a specific skill or lift, they may or may not have realized that they were having FUN!

And guess what, these same people over time tell us how much weight they have lost, the new personal records they’ve set because they’re getting stronger and how their doctors are amazed at their low blood pressure and healthy test results.

In addition to our regular CrossFit classes, we will be organizing events like our 2 year anniversary and In-House Competition Saturday Jan 10th , seminars, clinics, specialty programs and social outings providing you with plenty of FUN opportunities in 2015! Keep an eye out on our website under Upcoming Events and our Facebook page for announcements.

One of the best ways to have FUN and loose weight (or gain weight for some) is a nutrition challenge. We will kick off our next challenge with a free seminar on Saturday January 17th – open to all CFE members and non members.

Want to get stronger, lift heavy stuff? Join one of Coach Claudia’s Olympic lifting clinics or six week programs to improve your technique. They are a guaranteed FUN time!

And of course our daily WODs will provide plenty of opportunities to improve your health (both mentally and physically). Look for benchmark testing to start the year off with strength cycles worked into the overall programming. FUN times ahead!

The staff at CrossFit Equality wants your time at the gym to be the most FUN you’ve had all day, all week, all year. With our help and your commitment to focusing on FUN in 2015, this will be your best year yet…that weight loss, those strength gains and a healthier you will be a positive and life changing bi-product!

To be apart of all the FUN, drop us a note here:

– Coach Ann