Thanksgiving Meal Portion Control!


Thanksgiving is a few days away which, for those of us who are fortunate enough, means tons of food on the table! We will be tempted to fill our plates to the rim (maybe several times) with foods we look forward to once a year.

To help you understand portion control, MDAnderson Cancer Center (which is near and dear to my heart) has put together a great serving size cheat sheet. Be sure to look at this BEFORE you fill up your plate!

You can still enjoy these fabulous foods, but doing so in moderation and staying within these serving sizes, you will fill less bloated, tired and miserable the next day.

Speaking of the next day, Friday November 27th, we will have ONE class at 10am. This is FREE for ALL members and guests. The movements will be scaleable for everyone’s fitness ability. So get off the sofa and come burn off the calories!

And if you are out shopping Friday afternoon, anything you could pick up for our donation drive would be greatly appreciated. For a list of items needed, check out this LINK.