It’s sometimes difficult for many of us to find the energy needed to either get through the day or especially through a workout. We sip on our coffee in the morning hoping to kickstart our day, but sometimes that simply isn’t enough. What happens then? We start to drag on hoping for the day to end. Not only does it affect us physically, but we start to feel the mental fatigue. We start to doubt, can’t think straight and usually lean towards negative thoughts. We tend to skip the gym too!! So how do we avoid this? We learn a little bit more about nutrition and some foods that can help re-energize!

Fruit: Packed with both fiber and natural sugars, fruit is not only nutritious in every sense of the word, but a quick and efficient energy booster. Fruits like strawberries and pineapple are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C not only helps the immune system, but eating these fruits helps turn stored fat into burnable energy. Apples and bananas are also full of natural sugars and extremely easy to carry around as snacks. So next time you’re feeling weak or tired, chow down on some fresh fruit.

Spinach: This dark green leafy vegetable is one of the most abundant in iron. The mineral iron is the main building block for energy in the human body. Why do you think Popeye eats so much of it?! Spinach also helps regulate blood sugar, reduce risk of cancer, helps bone health and even eyesight. Incorporate spinach into your diet and you’ll SEE the effects early on, pun intended.

Nuts: In large quantities they can be dangerous, but in moderation they’re extremely healthy and provide enormous amounts of energy. Almonds and cashews are full of magnesium which aids in the process of converting sugar into energy. Like fruit, they’re also full of fiber which helps keep hunger away and very easy to carry around as snacks. Keep a handful in a baggie all times to munch on during your breaks or before heading to the gym. They’re very yummy and addicting.

Dark Chocolate: If fruit alone doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, don’t be afraid to have some dark chocolate. Similar to coffee, dark chocolate contains a stimulus that boosts your energy and mood. It can clear your mind like a pre-workout and get you ready for a workout. Coach Courtney has a small amount like everyday! Ask her yourself!

Brown Rice and Whole Grain: We always hear how nutrient friendly brown food is rather than white food. Well, most of the time that’s frankly true. Brown rice and whole grain bread/cereal are full of complex carbohydrates – which are the the ones you want to be eating. Eating foods like these can prevent sugar spikes which lead to sudden energy crashes. By incorporating them into your diet, not only are you straying from the processed junk, but your fulling your body with much needed vitamins and minerals. So if you ever find yourself at a sandwich shop, say “Whole Wheat Bread Please!”

These are just a few examples of foods that can help fuel your next day/workout. There are definitely more foods out there, so don’t be afraid to do a little research and find them if none of the above catch your tummy’s interest. If you’re always energized, then you’re probably already eating well so keep that up. If you’re not, you got the basics now so get munchin’.