What brought me to Crossfit Equality was I needed a change in my work outs. It was very boring to go to a gym with 1800 other people trying to fight each other over equipment or even having to get to a class 30 minutes early to get a spot!

I would always drive by the Crossfit flag on Emmott road and wonder what it was like to try Crossfit. It has changed my life in a short amount of time…in a good way!

When I first sent my email to inquire about Crossfit, I was scared. I thought they would judge me for being out of shape and laugh at me because I wasn’t sure what a clean jerk or snatch was, but it is just the opposite. I love that the workouts are never the same. I love that the coaches are knowledgeable and friendly. I love that I have made some great friends.

Sure, I have LOTS of work to do, but at least I’m at the box and trying to make a difference in my health and wellbeing. I originally started Crossfit to take some weight off so I could start running but I love going to Crossfit Equality so much it’s like when will I have time to run?!

Outside of the gym, I try to be a good mommy to my 8 year old little girl because honestly, I want to be healthy to see her grow and be there for her for as long as I can. I love animals and want to adopt all of the kitty cats and doggies that don’t have homes, although I don’t think my husband would approve.

My favorite story is when I had to do my first partner work out. I didn’t think anyone would want to be with me because I was so out of shape, but Danielle P didn’t mind at all and I made a new friend out of it. She really pushed me when I didn’t think I could go further in the work out. It really became a light bulb moment like “hey, maybe you could actually do this Crossfit thing”!

My first WOD was Black and Blue for time…I think I got maybe like 10 power snatches and it was the first time I learned about bar facing burpees.

Like I said, I love running and I have completed one half marathon, which to date is my proudest fitness accomplishment but I’m young and just starting my crossfit journey so I’m sure I’ll have many more accomplishments to add to my list!

If you’re new to Crossfit, just try it. Don’t be scared or self-conscience. Everyone in the Crossfit box is there to give you encouragement not judge you. And to make it even sweeter, you get to make some new friends that won’t roll their eyes when you tell them about that WOD you crushed! – Wendy Clawson.