It was the fact that my previous box closed for good that brought me to CrossFit Equality. I remember like it was yesterday my first day at CrossFit Equality. It was one of those “Free Community Workout” days, so I decided to go earlier. I already was scheduled to meet with Coach Ann that very same day. I was so nervous during my short ride to the box. When I arrived and walked through the bay door, everyone was just stretching and talking, like we always do before our Saturday WOD. I was greeted by Coach Ann, I told her who I was and that I was nervous but that I came earlier than our appointment for I can take part of the free WOD. She was totally cool with it. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I was impress with how organized and tidy the box was. Happy to say that really hasn’t changed a bit. It kind of looks even better now. The WOD was an AMRAP for max effort with teams of 3, one person runs 200 meters, another is resting and the other is working on burpees, ring rows, goblet squats, Russian twist with a plate, Russian kettlebell swings and box step ups until the runner comes back and we switch. My partners for the WOD were very supportive. Thanks Lin and James. It was not an easy WOD but they helped me get through it. CrossFit has changed my life for the better in so many ways. Before starting CrossFit I was overweight, with little energy and no motivation. I would take my children to the playground and I would just sit down and watch them, now I actually play with them. We run we swing we do all types of things. A lot of good things have happened to me at CrossFit Equality but the best one was when I won 1st place in the CFE in house competition for women’s scaled division. I was so surprised and very proud of myself. My advice to those who are just starting, don’t give up, don’t get this courage. It does not get easier you just get stronger. Always remember why you started. 

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