CrossFit Kids Trainer Course in Review

By Coach Jeremy

I’ve wanted to take the CrossFit Kids Trainer Course since I made the decision to take the CF-L1 class and began training others at CrossFit Equality. CrossFit Kids is a seminar that is not offered as frequently as some of the other specialty courses and often sells out quickly. It is my opinion that all the knowledge and techniques learned through the two day course can be beneficial when working with athletes of any age. As a trainer, you would address a preschooler differently than someone in your adult class, but the fundamentals don’t change.

Class started with a brief introduction of the CrossFit Kids Staff and then we were introduced to the theory behind the development of the CrossFit Kids program. I had read through most of the material before hand and the Staff did a great job of presenting the information. At no point did any of the CrossFit Kids Staff need to reference written material or lose track of any details. Important information was written on a white board for reference and everything flowed well. Questions were welcomed and answered completely using practical examples that have worked inside an actual CrossFit setting. If all the participants were willing, I have no doubt this seminar could be stretched to cover a solid week of instruction. After sitting and listening to information detailed across a white board, attendees had an opportunity for hands on experience in both teaching methods in small group environments as well as playing games designed to keep the kids moving well and having fun. The participating adults all had fun and the Staff did an excellent job helping individuals fine tune coaching techniques learned at the whiteboard.

The enthusiasm and professionalism of the CrossFit Kids Staff was truly remarkable and infectious. I can’t think of a word to describe the way each presenter came across and saying they are passionate would seem to do them a disservice. I have a renewed energy to be a better trainer and father due to my experience over the weekend. Even though at first glance it might seem like too much of an investment in both time and money, I strongly believe that any individual serious about CrossFit training should take the CrossFit Kids Trainer Course regardless of any interaction with kids. There are not enough positive things I can say about my experience and I look forward to developing a CrossFit Kids program at CrossFit Equality.

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  1. just completed this seminar this past weekend. Everything mentioned above is on point. The professionalism, expertise, and FUN experienced was unprecedented. The knowledge learned can be used across all age groups in terms of training. Was a solid course, definitely recommend it!!!

  2. I think I took this seminar with you at Crossfit EADO this past weekend, everything that I leaned from the seminar was just AMAZING!!
    From the introduction, Crossfit kids science, class structures and so on.
    This program is definitely wonderful for kids and importantly kids grow their physical level as they having fun at the same time. I fell in love with croasfit more and more. Great presenters, great people, it was such a great opportunity to share wonderful time together.

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