Trisha Barnes

Owner / Coach
Trisha Barnes


  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • CPR/AED/First Aid Certified


I have always been a driven individual, though I often struggled with motivation when it came to exercise.  I sampled multiple gyms and various programs over the years and just never found any interesting or effective enough to keep me coming back.  At some point, I began hearing stories about CrossFit and thought why not give it a try. In January of 2014 I made the decision to walk into my first CrossFit class (and yes, I was nervous).  I was immediately embraced by a community of athletes that cared. They helped me celebrate my achievements but also encouraged me to overcome my failures.  Not long after joining I began seeing results.  Sure, I lost weight and certainly gained muscle, but what I didn’t expect was the change in my overall well-being. I was invigorated and I continued to be inspired by those around me. I found myself eager to return day after day and I’ve been doing exactly that…for years.  

CrossFit has truly changed my life.  Now, as the owner of CrossFit Equality, I have the pleasure of introducing this opportunity to others that might also be struggling to find “their fit”.  I am beyond excited to provide a space where enthusiastic individuals can gather in their pursuit of a healthier/happier tomorrow. 

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