CFE’s In House Competition & 1 Year Anniversary Party! Saturday Jan 11, 2014

We are coming up on one year since we opened the doors to CFE so it’s time to celebrate with a friendly competition on Saturday January 11, 2014! The competition is open to current CFE members only but the celebrating, cheering and partying is open to everyone!

This is a great opportunity to be part of a competition without the pressure of competing against total strangers or in an unfamiliar environment!

There are four divisions: Men’s Rx, Men’s Scaled, Women’s RX, Women’s Scaled.
Entry fee $25 cash only. You must sign up with any CFE coach. Your space is secured with payment, but don’t delay…spaces are limited! No Refunds!

See the flyer below for further details!

Men’s RX Standards – must be able to deadlift 225#, Overhead 95#, KB 53#, Med Ball 20#, 24” Box.
Woman’s RX Standards – must be able to deadlift 115#, Overhead 65#, KB 35#, Med Ball 14#, 20” Box.
For both Men’s and Woman’s RX – double unders and chest to bar are not a requirement to register as Rx but they may be used as bonus points.

Men’s Scaled Standards – must be able to deadlift 135#, Overhead 75#, KB 44#, Med Ball 16#, 20” Box.
Woman’s Scaled Standards – must be able to deadlift 95#, Overhead 45#, KB 26#, Med Ball 12#, 16” Box.


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