Brooke Poorbaugh

Though I was athletic in high school, my fitness journey really began in college. I researched the most effective ways to lose body fat and quickly jumped into a routine “body building” split using my University Rec Center. Combined with a gradual change in my diet, I saw great results over the next three years and noticed how my goals slowly changed over time from wanting to lose fat to wanting to build muscle and wanting to get strong.

I had heard of Crossfit early on in college and was very interested in taking classes, but I always felt like I couldn’t afford it. Once I graduated and started working, a friend of mine was interested in starting Crossfit and asked me to just attend the free intro classes at a few boxes until she found one she liked. Next thing I know, I’m standing in CFE at 5:30 am with hearts in my eyes. I signed up part-time, despite still having a membership at a globo gym and decided to just split my time between the two. I saw great progress almost immediately, but saw the most progress six months in when I committed to Crossfit full time.

The community at CFE has pushed me to be come the strongest and fastest I’ve ever been, and encourages me every day to continue to grow and get better. As a coach, I hope to do the same for our community by helping our athletes build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle to live a long, healthy, and happy life.

CrossFit Level 1 – August 2016
CPR/AED/First Aid Certified