You’ve been showing up to class every single day of the week, you’re eating your fruits and veggies with nearly every meal like you’re supposed to, you’re sleeping the recommended eight hours or more, but instead of feeling at the top of your game….you feel like poop. You’re lethargic during the day, you’re not performing as well as you’d hoped during Benchmark Wods and you’re not seeing the results in the mirror. What are you doing wrong?


Sometimes we fail to realize how we unintentionally undereat as we are too busy trying to prevent ourselves from overeating and remain healthy. We think healthy means workout more and eat less – but eating too little might just be as bad (or worse) as eating too much.

We’re smothered with the notion that healthy diets can only include fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. Despite their great nutritional value, these foods are naturally very low in calories. They are great to include in your diet don’t get me wrong, but if you’re constantly working out and eating only these foods, you’re probably feeling the effects (and they’re not good).

When you’re eating a balanced diet, most of the time you’ll feel energized throughout the day. You’re sleeping patterns will be on point and you’ll definitely see improvement in the gym. However, if you’re not, you’ll feel weak throughout the day, you can’t sleep well at night, you’ll feel constipated, etc. These are some signs of undereating, so maybe you’re missing something in your diet.

Maybe you’re not eating enough carbohydrates because you think they’re bad. Not all food is equal, so add some good carbs like sweet potatoes or brown rice (in moderation of course). If you’re following a low fat diet you’re missing out on necessary fats, so opt for some avocados or almonds (some nut butters are good too if you have a sweet tooth). Eat enough before and after a workout – some of us go into the gym with an empty stomach and suffer the consequences. Protein shakes can be good options for these pre and post workout meals. Lastly, if you’re hungry, EAT!! For those of you who measure their food, take into account their carbs, protein and fats, we sometimes go hungry after reaching our numbers on the MyFitnessPal app. Don’t be afraid to eat a little more, listen to your body and act accordingly. I’m not inviting you to eat an entire pizza or endless slices of cakes (even though it’s good to indulge in those goodies from time to time), but eat a healthier snack or another meal depending on your hunger level.

You’re body is smart, hunger is its way of telling you that you’re hungry. Therefore, eat when it tells you too!

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