I came to Crossfit Equality because I was looking for a place with evening classes that I could make on time after work and was close to home.

My first impression of the classes was that they were challenging but fun.  That hasn’t changed much haha but now it feels like I’m working out with friends, not strangers.

Crossfit has changed my life by giving me a place to work off work stressand do what I like to do, lift heavy stuff.   Outside of the gym, I’m an Architect and work a lot.

My favorite memory at Crossfit Equality has been the 2017 Open experience. It’s been fun to be in the themed teams and see how everyone performs vs the world. According to Wodify, my first WOD was 8×200 sprints (which I’m sure sucked super hard) and Tabata flutter kicks.

My proudest accomplishment in health and fitness so far has been participating In House intramural and getting 2nd place in the Rx division.

The advice I would give someone just getting started or new to Crossfit is, just start, come as often as you can, and participate in as many of the fun extra activities as possible!