CFE Plank Off to a Summer 6 Pack!

A group from the box came up with a fun little challenge to get us closer to that 6 pack of abs! Here are the details:

Cost: $10 cash (credit cards not accepted) Coach Carley or any other Coach can collect your payment.

All of the money collected will go to the single winner of the plank off at the end of the Challenge on Sunday May 22nd. Must be present at the plank off & have paid to be eligible to win. Person who holds a plank the longest on May 22nd (that meets standards) will win the challenge!

Duration: 4 months
Start Date: January 22nd
End Date: Sunday May 22nd

Your daily goals are:
For the month of January your goal is to do 3x60sec plank holds per day.
For the month of February your goal is to do 4x60sec plank holds per day.
For the month of March your goal is to do 5x60sec plank holds per day.
For the month of April your goal is to do 6x60sec plank holds per day.

Each 60 second plank hold can be done anytime throughout the day (meaning you can do one 60 sec plank hold then do another later in the day), everyday for 4 months.

Standards: must be on forearms, flat back, hips in line with knees/ankles/shoulders (no saggy hips or downward doggies!).

Here’s to a six pack of abs before the summer!