06.22.15 Monday

Dad and Son!
Dad and Son!

65%x5,  75%x5,  85%x5 or more
Last round, as many reps as possible
Cycle 3, Week 1
increase starting weight by 10lbs

As many reps as possible in 10:00 of:
Buy in (1 Time):
Run 800m
100 DU / 200 SU
Max Reps Burpees onto Plate (45/25#)
(Score is number of Burpees)

AP: 3 X 10 Atomic Sit Ups w/ Plate
6:00am BootCamp
4 Rounds:
400m Run
20 Wall Balls (20/14#)
10 Ring Rows

QOD: What is the one best thing your Dad taught you?

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