It’s that time of the year again where we put our fitness to the test with the CrossFit Open. The CrossFit Open is a 5 week long test of your fitness starting Thursday February 22nd and concludes on March 26th. Workouts are released each Thursday night to thousands of people around the world.  Not familiar with the CrossFit Open?  Go check THIS OUT!

Each year we make the Open even more exciting by creating the CFE Intramural Open!  It is a blast as you can see from THIS VIDEO!

Wondering what an Intramural Open means? Internally we are going to be doing the Open workouts with added fun, inspiration and motivation to push ourselves and our teams to a new level!  This year we will have four teams (instead of the 5 in previous years) and you’re going to be on one of them! Each team will have a captain and there will be points awarded each week*.

The four team captains will be selected by the CFE coaching staff. The captains will be current and active members of the CFE Crew, not coaches.

*Note: The main emphasis of points will be on participation– not performance, so you don’t have to be the strongest and/or the fittest to help your team win! So if you’re worried about “not being ready” – don’t be! All that’s required is that you show up, do work, and cheer on your teammates! As you’ll see in the rules below, only the top 3 males and females in each division (RX and Scaled) will score additional points for their team!

Our goal is to make this a fun experience for everyone, bring our community together while testing our hard work that we put in each week! Below you will find out all the details, feel free to ask any CFE staff member if you have any questions.



This year we will have an INTERNAL entry fee of $20 to participate in the Intramurals.

Early bird registration ends Friday February 9th.  You must use the PROMO Code “LETSDOTHIS”.  After which the entry fee increases from $20 to $25.  

100% of this fee will go into a pot and the winning Intramural team will be rewarded the entire prize money. That team can then decide what to do with their winnings: divide it among the team members, donate it to charity or back to CFE to buy new equipment, etc.!

*You must be a current CFE member (have an active membership) to be part of an Intramural Team.  If you only have a punch card then each Open Workout will count against your punch card.

In previous years we required you to officially register for the CrossFit Open on the CrossFit games website.  NOT THIS YEAR!  

***You DO NOT need to officially register at ***  Registration (payment through the CrossFit games site is OPTIONAL.  If you want to officially record your scores there then you will need to register through the games site.  And please make sure you select CrossFit Equality as your affiliate if you do!

Team Captains
The CFE Coaching staff will be selecting team captains and announcing them no later than Friday January 26th.

The Player Draft 
On Saturday February 10th our 4 amazing captains (chosen by your coaches) will gather to take turns randomly drafting players that have already signed up on the CFE website. You can still sign up online AFTER the draft takes place up until Feb 22nd however you may not choose which team you want to be one!  One of the jobs of the Captains is to encourage every CFE member to sign up for the Open. The more participation there is the more fun we all have and the great the winning prize amount! The CFE coaching staff has the right to reassign teams to ensure even distribution.

Workout Days for the 2018 Open WODS

Friday Night Lights 6:00pm till the fun is over!

Friday Feb 23rd – CFE Staff night

Friday Mar 2nd

Friday Mar 9th

Friday Mar 16th

Friday Mar 23rd

You must be signed up through the CFE Registration Link in the Intramurals and the Friday Night Lights! Come in dressed in your team colors and show your team pride (this is very important when it comes to your team score).

Since there will be so many of you participating in the Intramural Open we will run the workouts in multiple heats. There will be a Heat Sign Up board that we will open up at 6pm each Friday. First come first served. In all fairness, please do not ask anyone to hold a spot for you before you get to the box!

You will complete the Open workout Friday night with a judge counting your reps and cheering you on. Your judge will be either a CFE staff member or a CFE athlete (yes you will judge too!).  Judges cannot judge their own teammates however.

*One caveat: if you feel like you have what it takes to make it to Regionals, then you must have your workouts judged by a certified judged and video taped. 

During the Open, the regularly scheduled CrossFit Friday class times will be modified. More details on that to come. 


1. I’ve officially signed up through the CrossFit Games website ( and paid them directly.  Do I still need to register & pay the $20 CFE entry fee?


2. I’ve signed up through CFE’s website do I still need to register at


3. I have a 3x a week membership. Does completing the Open workouts count against my 3x a week classes?

Absolutely not! So why not sign up for the Open for $20 and you get 5 awesome workouts and an experience you won’t forget!   

4. I have a punch card membership. Does completing the Open workouts count against that?

Yes it does. 

5. What if I’m not ready for these Open Workouts?

Everyone is ready! Even if you have just started. This is all about having fun and high fives! There is a super fun scaled “division” as well as a pretty challenging RX “division”. The workouts and the standards of movements for the workouts will be announced every Thursday. 

6. What if I miss a Friday Night Lights?

Any member may make up the Open workout during Sunday Open Gym 10am-12pm even if you do not have the Open Gym membership option. Be sure to still come dressed in your team colors (goes towards standings)!

We want to encourage tons of participation during Friday night lights. But also understand you might not be able to make it Fridays or even Sundays. If not, as long as you get your workout completed and judged by someone and your score submitted to Anthony no later than Monday 7pm CST it counts!

Please be mindful of our staff’s time and refrain from asking them to judge you outside of Friday Night Lights or Sunday Open Gym.  

7. What if I come to a Friday Night Lights and only do 1 rep of the WOD or don’t WOD at all (because I am sick/injured or I have to leave early, etc). Do I still get points for my team?

Yes, you will be rewarded with 1 point for your support! 

8. How long do the Friday Night Light last each week?

It is hard to say how long you will be at the box each Friday night. It just depends on how many athletes show up and how long the WOD is.  But you won’t want to leave early, cause you’ll miss all the fun! 

Team Details
Each team will have a team name as chosen by the team captain. Each team will have their own private FB group. Teams are encouraged to create logos, tshirts, color schemes, banners, decorations, bring noise makers, etc. Each team will be assigned one week during the Open to call their own. This is the teams chance to make up a theme for Friday Night or heck the entire week (Thursday to Thursday).

Coaches AND members will be your judges. Head Judge will go over standards for the movements prior to starting the event.

1) Attendance– Points are awarded for each team player who COMPLETES the workout each week. Completing the workout means doing more than 1 rep!

+3 points for completing the workout during Friday Night Lights.

+1 point for showing up during Friday Night Lights but not working out or only doing 1 rep.

+2 points for completing it on Sunday.

+1 point for completing it on on any other day.

+1 point for submitting your scoresheet to Anthony no later than Monday 7:00pm CST deadline.

If you are crazy and do the workout twice, you will only receive credit for one. If you do it both Friday and the Sunday, 3 points will still be awarded for the Friday attendance. 

2) Performance

+3 points for every RX athlete who finishes among the top 3 male and top 3 female in the gym per workout.

+3 points for every Scaled athlete who finishes among the top 3 male and top 3 female in the gym per workout. 

3) Spirit

+5 points Awarded to the team each week that has the most pride, noise and of course PRESENCE each week (determined by the CFE staff). 

4) Extra Credit Points

Throughout the five weeks Coach Ann may release challenges for you to receive extra points for your team.  Stay tuned! 

Intramural winners will be announced at the end of the 5 weeks. A tie breaker WOD will be released if we have a tie after 5 weeks. 

The GRAND prize for the winning team at the end of the Open will receive their very own personalized banner with their team name/logo to be hung in the gym AND all the cash collected from the registration fees!!

Friday March 23rd after the last workout we will have a huge party so mark your calendars now! 

Our focus is on FUN and comradery. We want you to participate because it will make you stronger (mentally and physically), you’ll get more high-fives than ever before, you’ll most likely get a personal record and you’ll leave the box each Friday night feeling accomplished and like a true bad ass!